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The application of titanium white in color eye grain

Masterbatch the pace of development soon, combined with the masterbatch production process is simple, less investment at present domestic masterbatch factory hundreds, production scale, technical level is uneven, small of dozens of tons, tens of thousands of tons, product competition, manufacturing enterprise profit decline, most masterbatch products of poor quality. According to incomplete statistics, used for masterbatch production of titanium white 2 ~ 30000 tons every year, the use of rutile is divided into three files, including the use of high-grade imported rutile, middle-grade domestic rutile, low-grade type domestic sharp titanium titanium white. China's largest color eye grain of huizhou sun chemical production company, using imported production of titanium white masterbatch is mainly used for exports, domestic production of titanium white masterbatch to satisfy the domestic market. Because the competition is intense, use sharp titanium type titanium white masterbatch has increasing trend.

Masterbatch production process there are several kinds, such as: paint, resin, dispersing agent, pigment volume, other auxiliary high-speed mixer twin-screw machine is packed well masterbatch masterbatch as industrial raw material, the performance is usually in the subsequent product applications, therefore, titanium white in color eye grain performance is mainly reflected in the process of application of masterbatch. Mainly embodied in the following aspects: 1) titanium white coloring ability, decided to use amount of titanium white plastic products same color; 2) titanium white white degree, decided to titanium dioxide content in the same light color (white) the appearance of the plastic products; 3) titanium white dispersion: impact on color grain production cost and the appearance of the plastic products, luster and other indicators; 4) the processing performance of the titanium white: affect the cost of masterbatch production of titanium white in color mesh applications of grain

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